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Turn My Life Into Words.

If you hang on to old experience you will not make room for new experiences. Don’t hold on for comfort, let go and discover adventure!

How can a person who don’t know how to love themselves know how to love another? Why would you except uneducated love from someone that can’t define love within themselves. They could have a false delusion of paint picture with ill intent.

Protect you mind body and soul like it is the last one on earth!

Submissive is not a weakness but a strength that is design to open a world of positivity and earns the rewards of dreams of a supportive unit.

Complete and absolute love is hand and hand with trust. But to love a best friend that you trust is the best combination of a relationship starter.


Simple gestures mean a lifetime of memories! Simple touches mean a lifetime of fantasies! Simple words means a lifetime of happiness!

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Eyes of Evolution!